What is Mentoring Warriors?

Mentoring Warriors’s passion is to equip men with the tools to mentor and to prepare young men (aka Warriors) with a heart to mature in their manhood jouney. All of this is fuled by a Gospel-centered desire to raise up 2 Timothy 2:2 men of all ages.

“and what you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses entrust to faithful men who will be able to teach others also.” – Paul’s Word to Timothy

“Because the journey never ends”

What is a Warrior?

Warriors are young men 18-30 years old trying to figure life out.  Launching on their own for the first time brings a lot of questions and challenges.  Everything is on the table. Questions about the future-career? Education? Do I buy or rent?  How to fix a toilet or change a tire? How do I find a wife? How do I find God? Is it my faith or my parents?  What kind of man am I becoming? What things am I doing that are taking me down a dark alley?

The reality is I journeyed through my own warrior years alone.  No mentor. No one to come alongside to offer words of wisdom and affirmation I was starving for.  A lot of big decisions were made in my warrior years. I graduated from University. Found my first job (I still work for the same company).  Became a licensed architect and got married to an awesome Canadian woman! Some things I got right, mostly on my own. But, I also did a lot of stupid.  Bad habits and misconceptions about life that turned into strongholds I’ve had to fight and repent of decades later. Not that having a mentor would have solved all my struggles, but having someone to offer wisdom and walk life’s journey with me would have helped me work through those struggles before they had the upper hand on me.

What is a Mentor?

A mentor is there to come alongside you.  To call you out when life’s getting off course.  To affirm you in those things you are doing well and to challenge you to become an even greater man than you are right now.  A mentor isn’t perfect, but if he’s doing his part, he uses his own failures to spur you on to greatness. The Bible says “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.”  Having a mentor is a commitment by you, the warrior, to be authentic, transparent and vulnerable about life.  There’s no place for faking it when you have a mentor. Risky? You bet! Rewarding? Absolutely!


If you are a warrior, regardless of how much you have your life pulled together, you NEED a mentor!  This is about you becoming the man God intended. About drawing near to God where He can live his life through you.  As a mentor, I can honestly say I’ve grown in my own manhood because of the warriors I pour myself into. They have been used by God to sharpen me as well.  It’s a two-way street!

If you are a mentor, or thinking of becoming one, I challenge you to invest into the lives of these young men.  They want direction. They want someone to journey with them. Don’t use the excuse you are imperfect. That is a lie to keep you from doing what you are called by God to do! Your mistakes are invaluable in helping them mature as young men.

Who is your mentor?  What older man is speaking into your life  Mentors, who is your warrior? Who are you coming alongside?

This website is dedicated to that journey.  It’s to be a place for challenge and encouragement as a mentor.  To connect with other men who mentor. It’s also a place for warriors to find wisdom and help through some of the most life-altering years of their lives.  

I hope you come back again and again to Mentoring Warriors.