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Growing up, I didn’t realize it, but my church had a performance-based bent.  There was an image to maintain. You were a good Christian if you were in church every time the doors were opened. We sang our hymns, memorized our verses, and stayed away from worldly things.  That is […]


Not Perfectly, But Increasingly So

Life never seems to arrive. As soon as I get to a spot where I think things will finally settle down or my soul will be satisfied, some monkey wrench gets thrown into the mix and life either comes to a grinding halt, or I’ve got to make a pit […]

Faith, Identity

My 365

Maybe you’re like me. You are not opposed to Christianity. In fact, you know that essentially there is no other way to live or to make it to heaven. Jesus paid it all on the cross. Sin is taken care of once for all. The Sunday School answers are there, […]