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King Me

Few books have impacted me as much as Michael Thompson’s King Me. So often, we men drift through life not exactly sure where we are headed, or what we are made for. Sure, we might have particular skills or interests, but when life is all said and done, is manhood […]


Dear Dad

MW Editor’s Note: Part of your masculine Journey is working through boyhood and young adult wounds. (We each have them.) As author and counselor, Jay Stringer points out, your current behaviors are not random. They began somewhere, and finding their origin is when healing can begin. Mentoring Warriors did a […]


Your Sexuality is a Storyteller- Part 2

Exploring Your Sexual Story1 In a recent post, I surveyed God’s Story of lovingly pursuing his people, and I offered brief thoughts about how your sexuality is meant to tell that story.  Here, we focus on the story your sexuality is already telling, the story of how relationships have shaped […]

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Follow the Trail

“Will you get off my back!” Trevor yelled at his wife. Kate couldn’t believe this was happening again.  “He blows up over the smallest thing. All I asked was if he could take out the trash and he gets so angry. Where is this coming from?” Trevor knew he was […]

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Porn Brain

A survey of over 12,000 participants was taken on their use of pornography. The results were quite revealing. There’s more to that survey The sex survey: how you answered the porn questions – The Irish Times, but the overarching story is that a vast majority of men have a problem […]