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Ways to Pray

Here are three ways to pray that get you into a conversational relationship with God.  There are no human qualifications or prerequisites other than to be open to knowing Jesus; not just religiously but in a relationship (it’s called the Gospel). If your prayer life is for the birds, try […]


Follow Me

MW Editor’s Note: Jesus had four key phrases he used to invite people to be his disciples: Come and See, Follow Me, Be in Me, and Remain in Me. Over the next while, we will take a look at each phrase. Truth is, every person on the planet is at […]

Mentoring Helps

Mentor Madness-Covering the Basics

John Eldredge, the author of the popular men’s book Wild at Heart, was having a conversation with a friend who handed him a church’s brochure on discipleship. It listed a ton of things to do, memorize, and sign up for. Once you had achieved their lengthy list, then and only then, […]