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25 Tips from a 25-Year-Old

MW Editor’s note: Mentoring Warriors welcomes Cadin Limon as a guest contributor. As a warrior turning 25, Cadin shares 25 tips that will help any man regardless of age. Let us know which are your top five from his list. Ringing in a “quarter of a century” birthday only has […]


Was That God Speaking?

Deep down, I think we all want to hear from God; at least if his word to us is good. If it’s filled with conviction we tend to avoid anything remotely Jesus.  “Jesus, tell me I’ll meet the girl of my dreams soon!”  “Lord, tell me my next job is […]

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Gut-Check! Listening Beyond Logic

There will be times in your life when you will find yourself in a difficult situation.  You will be presented with an option that on the surface doesn’t appear to be wrong at all.  But deep down, you know you shouldn’t do it.  Somewhere deep in your heart is an […]