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A Warrior’s Daily Prayer

MW Editor’s note.  Mentoring Warriors welcomes back Justin Wells to the guest author’s stand.  Justin is 23 from southeast Missouri. He has been making knives since he was 14 and now runs Hammer and Spear Knives.  Justin understands mentoring. He’s investing in young high school guys, showing them the love […]

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Purity of Heart and Mind-Part 2

MW Editor’s note: If you missed last week’s post on Purity of both heart and mind, check it out. Today is the second part of what purity inside and out means for a man. We pick up on the difference between purity of behavior and the purity a man has […]

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Leader Up!

Growing up I always figured a leader what the guy up front, on stage, on the TV, leading the charge. In high school, my cousin was the drum major for our marching band. He’d strut onto the field with his tall marching hat and plume.  Not sure how he did […]

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Warrior Up!

A recently released documentary called “What is a Woman” by Matt Walsh has caused quite a stir. The entire gender identity debate in society is one indicator of a culture in desperate search its meaning and purpose. Culturally, we are in the deepest, spiritual battle of our age. and, I’m […]