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Sexual You

There’s a lot of chatter these days about one’s sexual orientation. Born male, born female. But is that my sexual orientation?  Somewhere along the way, we’ve concluded we are the determiners of our sexuality. From the beginning, God created us male and female. Never once do we see God changing […]


Faithful Fruit

One of the signs you are a true follower of Jesus is your measure of faithfulness. In Galatians 5, Paul tells us that faithfulness is a fruit of the Spirit. That is, if you are a person who willingly yields to the Holy Spirit, then one of the evidences will […]

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Courageous Vulnerability

Abbott sat across the table. This 19-year-old college student was visibly shaken. Confused. Almost in tears. As I listened to him recount his struggles, I couldn’t help but think about how nothing truly changes until we get to the point of total vulnerability. Exposing his darkest struggles wasn’t easy, it […]