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Faith, Identity

Dreams From God

Over the past few months I’ve been asking Jesus to search the pain in my heart and show me where the source is coming from … that which longs for delight and validation….and yet even now as an older man I still long for, and rightly so. The Lord pulled […]

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All I Want for Christmas

When I was 8, it was my two front teeth, and a few Matchbox® cars. When I was 10, it was Hot Wheels® track. I recall staying up till midnight Christmas night doing time trials until my mom said it was time to go to bed. When I was 13, […]

Faith, Identity

When The Pain is Unbearable

Recently, I attended a Wild at Heart Men’s Boot Camp up in the Colorado Rockies. Hosted by Ransomed Heart Ministries, over 450 men gathered to hear John Eldredge and others speak about the Gospel restoration of a man’s soul. How Jesus is about not just saving you but transforming you […]