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Jesus Did Not Say That

Our thinking and conversations are often filled with sayings we attribute to Jesus that he didn’t say. My own theology gets skewed by such well-intended but misapplied sayings.  Here’s a list of five things Jesus did not say (and five things he actually said).  1. Follow your heart.  How often […]

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Caught in a False Narrative

I’d like to think I’m a fairly realistic guy; that I have my head screwed on straight and see myself and the world from the perspective of truth. And, for the most part, I do, until recently. Through a chain of events that I’m sure God was using to capture […]

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Real Change Can Happen

Somewhere about age ten, I started to realize there was this other world of grown-up talk that was drastically different than my boyish world of playing under the swingset with my Matchbox cars or riding bike. Frankly, that grown-up talk scared me. Is that what was coming?  If so, I […]

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Beware of Thieves

As men, we need to beware of spiritual and moral traps that can pop up around us.  Satan is the ultimate perpetrator of spiritual fraud, orchestrating the deception of the human race by many different means.  He is also like a thief, who tries to take away from Christians the […]

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Why Integrity Matters

“Talk is cheap. I need to see some drastic changes or else…”  “or else what?”    It finally started to sink in. Austin felt this unusual heat as his emotions caught wind of the “Or else.” from his boss. Truth be known Austin had been faking work for some time now. […]