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False Self? True Self?

If, somewhere along the line, you made a faith commitment to Jesus Christ, you have two natures living in you. I was twelve when I realized my sin and trusted Jesus for my salvation. I didn’t know that a supernatural change had happened to me. I got 100% of the […]

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Now That You Are Married

The countless conversations I’ve had with young warrior men driven to be married, only to find themselves in a rough place. They pray for God to bring a girl into their life. Some venture out, date a few and fizzle. Some make traction in the relationship only to see it […]

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What’s Your Basis for Truth?

In referring to the recent United States House of Representative Impeachment Hearings, I am in NO WAY making what I am about to say political; only using it as a reference to man’s insatiable pursuit of the truth. What is true? Are the Democrats, who voted for proceeding with impeachment […]

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The Shame-Free Warrior

Shame. It plagues us, haunts our souls. Shame drives us to hide, to cover up. My fear is if you knew what I know about me, you’d reject me. You would withhold love.  So, in our shame, we compensate. We medicate. We cover up with anything that we think will […]