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Living an Examined Life

“Most men live an unexamined life.”  Dan Allender Ask most any man how they feel and they are at a loss for words. “I have no idea.”  That’s often my default when asked. At least it used to be. In their book, “How We Love”, authors Milan and Kay Yerkovich, […]

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Paramotoring Adventure

“Adventure feeds the masculine soul” John Eldredge That which stirs a man, deep in his soul, comes from a heart of adventure. Adventures that test a man’s grit, what he’s made of, validation that affirms he has what it takes.  Some men throw themselves into an adventure, desperate to discover […]

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Mentoring Principles 102-Authentic

Just be real.  I like to think of this as no masks.  Masks are what we wear around people when we don’t want them to see our true self.  Again, without the phatic conversations, (refer to Mentoring Principles 101 post), we will have a hard time becoming authentic and transparent […]