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Two Ways to Handle Regret

Whether you love Jesus or not, you live with regret. Your list might be different than mine, but believe me when I say regret can haunt your soul. There are things I did as a kid I cringe thinking about. Stuff I did as a teenager that I’d rather keep […]

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Rationalizations Versus Repentance

Derek thought his secret would never be found out. He had covered his tracks meticulously. Foolproof, or so he thought. Lust and porn had become a regular foray. He was driven by the relentless pursuit of the forbidden. It was as if his secret was the most invigorating adventure no […]

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My 365

Maybe you’re like me. You are not opposed to Christianity. In fact, you know that essentially there is no other way to live or to make it to heaven. Jesus paid it all on the cross. Sin is taken care of once for all. The Sunday School answers are there, […]