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25 Tips from a 25-Year-Old

MW Editor’s note: Mentoring Warriors welcomes Cadin Limon as a guest contributor. As a warrior turning 25, Cadin shares 25 tips that will help any man regardless of age. Let us know which are your top five from his list. Ringing in a “quarter of a century” birthday only has […]


Essential Forgiveness-Part 1

MW Editor’s note: Mentoring Warriors welcomes Mark Rogers to the tribe of guest writers. Mark spoke during a Mentoring Warriors Mountain Man Adventure trip to Colorado. This week’s and next’s posts is a compilation of Mark’s thoughts on forgiveness.  Welcome, Mark. “Father, forgive them because they do not know what […]

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What Will People Think?

College life can be crazy! Spontaneous decisions can break one out of his comfort zones, have some fun, and adventure, not to mention the possibility of doing something stupid. During my college days, we’d have midnight runs to Swansons; the local donut shop that started baking their morning fresh goodies […]

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Leader Up!

Growing up I always figured a leader what the guy up front, on stage, on the TV, leading the charge. In high school, my cousin was the drum major for our marching band. He’d strut onto the field with his tall marching hat and plume.  Not sure how he did […]

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All I Want for Christmas

When I was 8, it was my two front teeth, and a few Matchbox® cars. When I was 10, it was Hot Wheels® track. I recall staying up till midnight Christmas night doing time trials until my mom said it was time to go to bed. When I was 13, […]