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Prayer is You

Ever notice how churches seem to have their greatest weekly attendance on Sundays? Announce a prayer meeting and a fraction show up.  Wonder why?   Prayer, during my childhood, was relegated to meals and bedtime. Prayer during my teen years was minimal at best; of course, unless there was a test […]


Faithful Fruit

One of the signs you are a true follower of Jesus is your measure of faithfulness. In Galatians 5, Paul tells us that faithfulness is a fruit of the Spirit. That is, if you are a person who willingly yields to the Holy Spirit, then one of the evidences will […]

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Finding a Mentor

In celebration of the six-month anniversary of www.mentoring-warriors.com, we are re-posting an original article. Over the past months, there have been a growing number of men asking the question; How do I find a mentor? This article, along with taking the online Self-Assessment, https://mentoring-warriors.com/self-assessment/ have been great resources for getting […]