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Marriage Rocks, Again

MW editor’s note:  Before you read this post, go back and read “Marriage Rocks”.   They say it’s the darkest just before dawn.   Josh and Sarah both felt the darkest night of their young marriage. Josh’s stupid choices were like an avalanche at night. Total upheaval. Buried alive. He couldn’t fathom […]

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Purity of Heart and Mind-Part 1

MW Editor’s Note. This is a 3-part series taken from a firepit talk at a recent Mentoring Warriors Mountain Man Colorado Adventure Trip. Purity in both heart and mind is essential for every man. Your manhood journey needs this. Excited to have you along for the journey together! If we […]

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4 Steps to Porn-Free Living

Do you feel trapped by porn? In two decades of ministry, I have found that pornography is the single greatest threat to young men who want to live godly and victorious lives. The average boy is exposed to pornography by the time he is in 8th grade. The average Christian […]

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Porn Brain

A survey of over 12,000 participants was taken on their use of pornography. The results were quite revealing. There’s more to that survey The sex survey: how you answered the porn questions – The Irish Times, but the overarching story is that a vast majority of men have a problem […]


Loving Men

Thirty men came from all over the USA to a secluded ranch in the wooded hills of eastern Oklahoma. No one knew everyone. Some knew a few. Others, no one. They gathered for one key reason; to hear from Jesus. To listen to the Holy Spirit speak truth into their […]