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Sexual You

There’s a lot of chatter these days about one’s sexual orientation. Born male, born female. But is that my sexual orientation?  Somewhere along the way, we’ve concluded we are the determiners of our sexuality. From the beginning, God created us male and female. Never once do we see God changing […]

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Praying for Jessica

“I’m looking for a wife and I’m coming up empty-handed.” The conversation with the young man across the table presented a puzzle, a longing. Not desperate, but the natural desire for love and companionship.  There’s something innate in the heart of a man that longs for a relationship; to be […]

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Conversational Relationship with Jesus

Every so often, a phrase comes along that captures an aspect of what it means to walk with Jesus. For many decades, my living for Jesus was more about performance than anything else. Me trying harder. Me maxing out my abilities, leaving me at times exhausted, and depleted, wondering why […]


Your Sexuality is a Storyteller-Part 1

MW Editor’s Note: Mentoring Warriors welcomes counselor Andrew Bell to the tribe. His two-part series on your sexual story, along with the Sexual Resources and Writing Prompts found in the Resource Section of this website are intended to bring God’s insight into the beautiful world of God-created sexuality. Embodying the […]


Newlywed Hurdles

It’s happened to virtually every newlywed couple I know, including us. Things you either figured would come but perhaps not in the form or fashion you imagined it.  There are three challenges almost every couple has to deal with if they want to see any semblance of marital health: Finances […]