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Man Love

In our chaotic world, the idea of man-love has been hijacked by the Woke view that blurs the lines in a wide gamut of areas from sexuality to entitlement. Gender lines are so confusing that minors (children) are being castrated and mutilated in an attempt to put someone in the […]

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Snip and Clip

It’s probably one of the most awkward procedures a guy can have. A vasectomy. Lying on the table, exposed through a surgical drape. The doctor injects an anesthetic, waits for the area to numb, and with a surgical instrument in hand, he makes a tiny incision. Your two vas deferens […]

Faith, Identity

In Search of a Godly Man-Part 4

So far, we have found nine of the thirteen qualities of a godly man. The question lurking beneath the surface is Are you a Godly Man?  Here’s the deal. Either you are moving towards godliness or you aren’t. Either you are making strides, with God’s help, or you are stagnant […]


Loving A Woman

Since high school, Josh longed to love a woman, marry someday and have a family. Like a bunch of his peers, he was sometimes awkward in relating to girls. As much as he tried to say the right things, he’d stumble on his words, catch a few giggles from the […]