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July 2015. Our daughter was engaged. Her fiance, Aaron had never been backpacking before; something my son and I enjoy.  We invited him to our family cottage near the infamous Algonquin Provincial Park in Ontario Canada.  Algonquin is three times the size of the State of Rhode Island.  There are […]


Missing Babies

Stumbling across an annual abortion report on our State’s website, I decided to download it for future ponderance. The statistics tell a story. Stories of lives conceived and later terminated before birth.  In fact. something must have changed in our State’s abortion laws such that the number of abortions last […]


What is Mentoring Warriors?

What is Mentoring Warriors? Mentoring Warriors’s passion is to equip men with the tools to mentor and to prepare young men (aka Warriors) with a heart to mature in their manhood jouney. All of this is fuled by a Gospel-centered desire to raise up 2 Timothy 2:2 men of all […]