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Prayer Power

MW Editor’s Note: When it comes to prayer there are often two sides to the story. The person seeking God for an answer and the person or means by which God uses to answer. They come together, neither truly sure what is going on, but are quite aware what is […]

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Purity of Heart and Mind-Part 2

MW Editor’s note: If you missed last week’s post on Purity of both heart and mind, check it out. Today is the second part of what purity inside and out means for a man. We pick up on the difference between purity of behavior and the purity a man has […]

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We live in a performance-based world. Whether it is convincing a client to hire your company for their next big project or convincing that woman you are madly in love with to marry you, having a successful track record seems to go with the territory.  Sports lives for outcomes. Win-Loss […]


Warfare-Battle Up!

Twelve men set out on a weekend adventure; backpacking in a little-known rocky area in southeast Kansas. The trail took us through a small canyon that felt like something out of the Lord of the Rings. Eventually, we came across a short cliff where we had to pass our backpacks […]