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Covenant Marriage

Long before a young man stands at the wedding altar, he’s often thinking of that day when he’s in love, ready to marry the woman of his dreams. One doesn’t just suddenly arrive there. It takes time. Long before you were of marriageable age, back when you were entering your […]


Creative Sex in Marriage

It’s one of the furthest things from a newlywed couple’s mind, but sooner or later, the day will come when they can’t have sex. That’s right, no sex. At least for a season. All of that pent-up sexual drive the two of you did your best to restrain before the […]


Romancing God

The conversation with a warrior man went something like this.  “I’ve always seen God in terms of my performance. Am I pleasing him, or is he angry at me? When I sin, I feel like I’m in the doghouse. And, yes, I’ve been taught that Jesus forgives me, but the […]