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Purity of Heart in Action Men’s Conference-August 16-17, 2024 Wichita Kansas

Mentoring Warriors encourages every man to check out this conference on Purity. If you are in the Wichita Metro area, sign up for this event. Mentoring Warriors will have a vendor table at this event. Check it out! Follow this link to sign up and pay.  https://reliancecommunity.churchcenter.com/registrations/events/2385429 “Blessed are the […]


Your Sexuality is a Storyteller- Part 2

Exploring Your Sexual Story1 In a recent post, I surveyed God’s Story of lovingly pursuing his people, and I offered brief thoughts about how your sexuality is meant to tell that story.  Here, we focus on the story your sexuality is already telling, the story of how relationships have shaped […]


Leonard Ravenhill-A Man of Revival

Born in Leeds, England, in 1907, Leonard Ravenhill was a young lad who eventually came to faith in Christ. His late adolescence and young adulthood were influenced greatly by one of the most influential preachers of his day, Samuel Chadwick. While as a student at Cliff College, young Ravenhill experienced […]


Face Your Battles- Identity Part 2

Battles Every Man Must Win MW Editor: Mentoring Warriors welcomes Troy Mangum to the MW tribe of wisdom warriors. Author of Fatherhood Faceplants, Mangum offers real-experience advice on what it means to be a father fathered by God. Many warriors are becoming dads, with little ones to raise. This week […]

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One Little Letter

Mentoring Warriors welcomes Nick Stumbo to the contributing writers team! Nick is Executive Director for Pure Desire Ministries. www.puredesire.org Welcome Nick! It’s amazing the difference that one little letter can make. Take, for example, an embarrassing reality from my childhood, where I sang about how ‘angels prostate fall’ in the […]