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Faith, Identity

Purity of Heart and Mind-Part 1

MW Editor’s Note. This is a 3-part series taken from a firepit talk at a recent Mentoring Warriors Mountain Man Colorado Adventure Trip. Purity in both heart and mind is essential for every man. Your manhood journey needs this. Excited to have you along for the journey together! If we […]

Faith, Self-Management

Inversing Fear

It happened again. I woke up in the middle of the night, my stomach in knots. My mind racing over a myriad of things going on in life. My inadequacies loom large as I force myself to not look at the clock.  “Jesus, I cast this anxiety on you, again.” […]


Loving A Woman

Since high school, Josh longed to love a woman, marry someday and have a family. Like a bunch of his peers, he was sometimes awkward in relating to girls. As much as he tried to say the right things, he’d stumble on his words, catch a few giggles from the […]