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The Ideal Mentor

Over the past several years, Mentoring Warriors has led Boot Camps as a way to equip men to mentor from a Kingdom perspective. Men gather weekly for 8 sessions to learn God’s heart for mentoring and gain tools that will equip them for investing in the next generation. Our primary […]


Who’s In Charge?

It’s everywhere. Regardless of where you turn, what you listen to, the underlying question that permeates EVERYTHING, is “Who’s in charge?”  Culturally, society is shifting increasingly away from a God-centric worldview to a man-centric one. Now, before you check out and ignore the rest of this post, hear me out. […]

Mentoring Helps

Me Mentor? You’ve Got to Be Kidding!

A good friend and I were talking about our faith in Christ; how it was so important to our lives. I mentioned the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20), where Jesus’ last words to His disciples were to go out and make more disciples. My friend’s response caught me off-guard. I think […]

Mentoring Helps

Mentor Madness-Get in the Game!

March may be referred to as March Madness, but here at Mentoring Warriors, we also call it Mentor Madness. For the entire month of March, we are going to focus on different aspects of mentoring. So, get ready, grab your favorite snack and beverage and get ready for some Mentor […]