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Word: Dead or Alive?

Gibberish. Like a foreign language, every word I tried to read made no sense at all! Everyone told me that reading the Bible was good for me, but it was pure drudgery in all honesty. I’d rather have a root canal than to spend five minutes in the Bible. Call […]

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Why Every Guy Needs a Pocket Knife

Reaching into my pocket I felt the rounded wooden handle of my folding pocket knife. My thumb rubbing across the smooth handle. It’s a reminder that as a man I need to become what Morgan Snyder calls a generalist. All too often, our culture pushes us into specialties. Specialties are […]

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Lessons Learned- Life as a Mentor

(This is an excerpt taken from the book Mentoring Warriors by David Riffel. Available at www.mentoring-warriors.com) Having mentored some awesome young men over the years and seen some great successes in their manhood journeys, I’ve also made some mistakes along the way. Lessons that I’d rather see you learn from […]

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The Word in You!

Growing up, I got hungry, a lot! Those adolescent growing pains were screaming for more food NOW! My body demanded energy! My mom couldn’t keep enough food in the frig!  Recently, I was having supper with one of the young men I mentor. He’s in college and still growing. We […]