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Faith, Identity

King Me

Few books have impacted me as much as Michael Thompson’s King Me. So often, we men drift through life not exactly sure where we are headed, or what we are made for. Sure, we might have particular skills or interests, but when life is all said and done, is manhood […]


To Tat or Not To Tat?

His shirt came off. Chest shaven. Feeling a bit tense about getting his first tattoo, Axel leaned back as the artist got things ready. “Am I actually doing this?” Axel thought to himself.  It’s not like this was some rash decision; something he decided to do on a whim.  Axel […]

Faith, Identity

How Longboarding Showed Me the Way

There’s a large park near my house with almost 9 miles of trails! Perfect for one of my favorite pastimes, longboarding! One evening while enjoying the sunset on my four-wheeled board. I was headed back to my car, but for some odd reason, instead of going back to my car, […]