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What’s Your Porn Plan?

It’s not like a guy has a plan to become a porn addict. After all, statistically-speaking most guys see their first porn around age 11.  I was 13. Curiosity, peer pressure, a twinge of early pubescent hormones. It all seemed like the thing to do.  The problem is shame pushes […]

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15 Again!

The sun sent a ray of light into my otherwise dark bedroom. I stayed up way too late the night before! One of those binge-watching Netflix nights. Who cares! It was Saturday morning now and for some reason, my bike was calling! I whispered to my wife “I’ve gotta bike […]

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What About Alcohol? Part 1

Sitting around the campfire, four of us stared at the dancing flames in the dark, cool, spring night. No eye contact with each other, yet the conversation continued; one topic morphing into another with the occasional pause. The cadence of that night carried on for hours. Occasionally, one would get […]