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Warfare-Battle Up!

Twelve men set out on a weekend adventure; backpacking in a little-known rocky area in southeast Kansas. The trail took us through a small canyon that felt like something out of the Lord of the Rings. Eventually, we came across a short cliff where we had to pass our backpacks […]

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Angry Me *@!&#

I exploded again! What is going on with me? 99.5% of the time I’m this quiet, stable, calm guy, but certain things trigger an explosion in me. “Whoa! Back off from David right now.” Really? Anger isn’t the Issue Ever seen someone in a public line get agitated over some […]


Lost Cellphones

I lost my cellphone. It flew off the roof of my car when I accelerated to highway speeds.  In my rush to get out the door early one morning, I threw my gym bag into the back and must have placed my phone on the roof of my car while […]

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Letters to Younger Me- Age 12

MW Editor’s Note:  From time to time, we post a series of letters that older you might have written to younger you. Letters that help bring perspective and hope for the future. Perhaps some of these letters resonate with you. Perhaps, some of these letters might help you work through […]