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Raising Sons- Part 2

MW Editor’s note: From time to time we run across podcasts or videos that speak directly to the heart of our passion for all things mentoring. This week and next, we introduce to you Dr. Aaron Rock of Windsor Ontario Canada.  Aaron has three young adult sons ranging from 20 […]


Dear Dad

MW Editor’s Note: Part of your masculine Journey is working through boyhood and young adult wounds. (We each have them.) As author and counselor, Jay Stringer points out, your current behaviors are not random. They began somewhere, and finding their origin is when healing can begin. Mentoring Warriors did a […]

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Fathers and Children

As warrior-aged men fall in love, get married, and have children, the time comes when those little bambinos grow up. You graduate from diapers and nursing to crawling, walking, and talking. Personalities come forth and as a dad, you want them to shine as they become young men and young […]


Warrior Dad’s Action List

Some men become fathers during their warrior years (18-30).  All that dating, love, and marriage results in pregnancy. Depending on when your romance started, you could have one, two even three or four little ones running around your place!  Life changes dramatically when those little voices are clamoring for food […]

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I Am A Son!

God has been stirring a deeper sense of sonship in my heart recently. Ever since my pastor spoke at church recently from Isaiah, God has been pressing these words upon me, speaking their meaning into my life, my identity, and my purpose. “But now, this is what the LORD says– […]