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Seven Years

I found my dad dead. By all accounts, he had died two days prior. He died sitting up reading the sports section of the newspaper. He was 79. Although no autopsy was performed, all the signs indicate he died of a massive heart attack. Less than Two Years Later I […]

Mentoring Helps

Three Ways to Start Mentoring

Let’s face it, you know mentoring is essential, you just don’t know where to start. Whether you want to be mentored or feel the tug of God to mentor someone, how does one start the process? Here are three ways to start mentoring. I call them good, better, and best. […]

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Real Change Can Happen

Somewhere about age ten, I started to realize there was this other world of grown-up talk that was drastically different than my boyish world of playing under the swingset with my Matchbox cars or riding bike. Frankly, that grown-up talk scared me. Is that what was coming?  If so, I […]