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Paradigm Shift

Stop calling yourself a Christian.  That word is a religious label placed on people who align with Christianity.  The reality is a lot of people check the box “Christian” when their life has no resemblance to Jesus whatsoever. The real question is, Do you follow Jesus? I didn’t ask, Do […]

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Throw Away Your Christian Books

You read correctly. ” Whatever books you have that are less than 150 years old, that are Christian-based, toss them.” That’s what a very wise, godly man told me.  “With the exception of someone like C.S. Lewis who wrote about 70-80 years ago, throw your Christian books away.” I could […]

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Mentor Madness-How Deep is Your Bench?

Basketball Was Not Invented by an American Did you know basketball was invented by a Canadian? James Naismith. Born in Almonte, Ontario in 1861. (Almonte is about a 90-minute drive to our family cottage in Ontario.) He was a physical educator, physician, Christian chaplain, coach and innovator. He invented basketball […]