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Warrior Dad’s Action List

Some men become fathers during their warrior years (18-30).  All that dating, love, and marriage results in pregnancy. Depending on when your romance started, you could have one, two even three or four little ones running around your place!  Life changes dramatically when those little voices are clamoring for food […]


In Search of a Godly Man-Part 1

The whereabouts of a godly man have become increasingly rare these days. Our culture is pressing in on young men to be fat, lazy, and dependent; the antithesis of who God calls redeemed men to become.   Mentoring Warriors took on the assignment of searching out key qualities that every godly […]

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No Shortcuts

We all know that one guy………….. he’s ridiculously talented and seems to be good at everything he tries. For some reason, it appears as if he has never broken a sweat or failed in the process of getting to where he’s at today. Sadly, that is not my story, and […]