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July 2015. Our daughter was engaged. Her fiance, Aaron had never been backpacking before; something my son and I enjoy.  We invited him to our family cottage near the infamous Algonquin Provincial Park in Ontario Canada.  Algonquin is three times the size of the State of Rhode Island.  There are […]

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Real Men Journal

On occasion, I’m asked why I journal and what are some tips for getting the most out of it.   Most guys don’t journal. I’ve heard some claim the word “journal” is a cloak for having a diary.  “Diaries are for girls” Diaries may be for girls, but what I’ve figured […]

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Why Every Guy Needs a Pocket Knife

Reaching into my pocket I felt the rounded wooden handle of my folding pocket knife. My thumb rubbing across the smooth handle. It’s a reminder that as a man I need to become what Morgan Snyder calls a generalist. All too often, our culture pushes us into specialties. Specialties are […]

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Adventure and the Masculine Soul

“Adventure feeds the masculine soul.” John Eldredge There it was!  Looming before me was one of the highest mountains in Austria; Grossvenediger. At just under 12,000 feet, the ascent would be nearly 9000 feet. My German friend, Arno and I had planned, calculated and otherwise lived and dreamed of conquering […]