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4 Steps to Porn-Free Living

Do you feel trapped by porn? In two decades of ministry, I have found that pornography is the single greatest threat to young men who want to live godly and victorious lives. The average boy is exposed to pornography by the time he is in 8th grade. The average Christian […]

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What’s Your Porn Plan?

It’s not like a guy has a plan to become a porn addict. After all, statistically-speaking most guys see their first porn around age 11.  I was 13. Curiosity, peer pressure, a twinge of early pubescent hormones. It all seemed like the thing to do.  The problem is shame pushes […]

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Now What?

Everything has been going good. You have been in the Word constantly. God is revealing so many things in your life. Your relationships have grown and flourished more than you thought possible. But then, it happens. You didn’t mean for it to. You thought that it was done. You should […]

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Finding a Mentor

In celebration of the six-month anniversary of www.mentoring-warriors.com, we are re-posting an original article. Over the past months, there have been a growing number of men asking the question; How do I find a mentor? This article, along with taking the online Self-Assessment, https://mentoring-warriors.com/self-assessment/ have been great resources for getting […]