Warrior Self-Assessment

This self-test is more about discovering areas of our life that would benefit if someone more mature, further down the road, came alongside you. Asking for help is OK. Thinking you are self-sufficient is the first step towards guaranteed failure. Rate yourself for each question/category below. Then, total your score to see where you stand. This might help you focus on the bigger issues you need a mentor for.


1. Marital Status

Question 1 of 37

2. Age

Question 2 of 37


Personal Hygiene – People say they can smell me coming and wonder when I last showered.

Question 3 of 37

4. Living Situation – If you were to walk into my room right now, you would think….

Question 4 of 37

5. Timeliness – I am on time to my appointments. I rarely miss or am late.

Question 5 of 37

6. Sleep – When it comes to rest, my sleep routine is…

Question 6 of 37

7. Chillaxin – Balance is my life.  I know how to give myself good margin and enjoy life.

Question 7 of 37

8. Food – My eating habits are…

Question 8 of 37

9. Substances – I can easily walk away from anything I experiment with.

Question 9 of 37

10. Sports – I’m no Lebron James but give me my favorite sport and I am….

Question 10 of 37

11. Mechanical – Give me a flat tire on a busy highway and I can change it in no time

Question 11 of 37

12. Problem-Solving – Lock me in a room and I’ll find my way out everytime

Question 12 of 37

13. Business – I know what’s a good deal and am successful at achieving it

Question 13 of 37

14. Culture – I’d say I have a good understanding of the way culture works.

Question 14 of 37

15. My Future – Figuring out what to do is half the battle

Question 15 of 37

16. Path Forward – I have a path laid out for my career and I am achieving it

Question 16 of 37

17. Established – Nothing is ever certain in this world, but I can say I’ve found the career I want to be in

Question 17 of 37

18. Education – Always learning, I am in a position where I need to get more education if I want to move up in life

Question 18 of 37

19. Expert – They say when you have 10,000 hours in a field or work, you are an expert.  I can say that I am…

Question 19 of 37

20. Theology – I know what I believe and am able to articulate it to others

Question 20 of 37

21. Lifestyle – Living out my faith in a tangible way

Question 21 of 37

22. Mystery – Granted, I’ll never know everything about life, but some issues I wrestle with.

Question 22 of 37

23. Community – Engaging in a healthy faith community is a high priority for me

Question 23 of 37

24. Compassion – I know I need to care for others.  Right now, I’d rate myself as…

Question 24 of 37

25. Family – We all say we love our family, but to be totally honest, I am….

Question 25 of 37

26. Love – I would say that loving others unconditionally is in my wheelhouse.

Question 26 of 37

27. Acquaintances – I know how to have healthy boundaries with people I casually know.

Question 27 of 37

28. Close Friends – I can be transparent with those who have my back.

Question 28 of 37

29. Emotional Intimacy – I know how to have healthy emotions with those I’m close to.

Question 29 of 37

30. Social Fitness – Put me in a crowd and I feel like I’m in my element.

Question 30 of 37

31. Self-aware – I have a sense of self-integrity; who I am and it is seen in my lifestyle.

Question 31 of 37

32. Purpose – I have an overarching sense of my purpose in life, why I am here.

Question 32 of 37

33. Sexual-1 – I am growing in my understanding of my sexual identity.

Question 33 of 37

34. Sexual-2 – I know how to practice self-control with my body and my sexual desires

Question 34 of 37

35. Confidence – This comes super easy for me. I know who I am and my limits.

Question 35 of 37

36. Peer Review – What others think of me weighs heavily into my identity.

Question 36 of 37

37. Finances – I may not have a lot of funds right now, but what I have I am…

Question 37 of 37


Burdens and Responsibilities

There’s a line we each must figure out in life. The line defines us in more ways than we realize. Our manhood maturity rides on this line. So do our relationships with others. Our job success or failure rests on this line.  Get things right, and life moves in a […]


Missing Babies

Stumbling across an annual abortion report on our State’s website, I decided to download it for future ponderance. The statistics tell a story. Stories of lives conceived and later terminated before birth.  In fact. something must have changed in our State’s abortion laws such that the number of abortions last […]


A Warrior’s Daily Prayer

MW Editor’s note.  Mentoring Warriors welcomes back Justin Wells to the guest author’s stand.  Justin is 23 from southeast Missouri. He has been making knives since he was 14 and now runs Hammer and Spear Knives.  Justin understands mentoring. He’s investing in young high school guys, showing them the love […]


10 Things to Know from an Aussie Warrior

MW editor’s note. Mentoring Warriors welcomes indie folk artist Samuel Ayling. Hailing from Australia, his moniker is This New Light. Featured on all streaming music services, Sam has forged his niche in the music world; living in his self-converted van and touring Australia with gigs in a variety of venues. […]

25 Tips from a 25-Year-Old

MW Editor’s note: Mentoring Warriors welcomes Cadin Limon as a guest contributor. As a warrior turning 25, Cadin shares 25 tips that will help any man regardless of age. Let us know which are your top five from his list. Ringing in a “quarter of a century” birthday only has […]


The past few months have been fast-paced, yet rich in experience. Along with the recent Mentoring Warriors’ eight-week Boot Camp, there’s been an unfolding of new relationships. New stories are being told of young men each on their journeys; some with Jesus, others figuring out if Jesus is all who […]

Ways to Pray

Here are three ways to pray that get you into a conversational relationship with God.  There are no human qualifications or prerequisites other than to be open to knowing Jesus; not just religiously but in a relationship (it’s called the Gospel). If your prayer life is for the birds, try […]

Book List

“All I have learned, I learned from books.” 
― Abraham Lincoln Our minds were created for dialogue. At the core of every book is a conversation the author wants to have with his/her readers. Whether it’s to educate on certain ways the world works or take you on a journey […]

Prayer Flops; Prayer Wins

Josef threw his Bible across the room.  “I’m done! No more! This pursuit of God is getting me nowhere! Everything is falling apart. I pray and I still lose my job. I plead with God for a woman to marry and all I get is rejection after rejection. I am […]

Overcoming Brain Lock

MW Editor’s Note: Mentoring Warriors welcomes coach, podcaster, and speaker Adam Gragg as a guest author. Adam brings 25 years of expertise to the age-old challenge of managing our emotions. Check out this very helpful article. Be sure to follow the links in this article to some great resources that […]


Many years ago, I was part of a loose ongoing discussion about which was more important in following Jesus: love or obedience? Both play a key part in one’s life with Jesus, but which comes first? It might sound like a trivial issue because following Jesus seems hard enough, however, […]

Judgment Day

MW Editor’s Note: Mentoring Warriors welcomes Adam Lutes as a guest author. Adam lays out for us his story of the job hunt and how trusting God through it got him to where he is today. Perhaps your career journey has a similar story. November 16th 2023… Judgment Day. This […]

Prayer is You

Ever notice how churches seem to have their greatest weekly attendance on Sundays? Announce a prayer meeting and a fraction show up.  Wonder why?   Prayer, during my childhood, was relegated to meals and bedtime. Prayer during my teen years was minimal at best; of course, unless there was a test […]

Dreams From God

Over the past few months I’ve been asking Jesus to search the pain in my heart and show me where the source is coming from … that which longs for delight and validation….and yet even now as an older man I still long for, and rightly so. The Lord pulled […]

Jesus Did Not Say That

Our thinking and conversations are often filled with sayings we attribute to Jesus that he didn’t say. My own theology gets skewed by such well-intended but misapplied sayings.  Here’s a list of five things Jesus did not say (and five things he actually said).  1. Follow your heart.  How often […]

Prayer Power

MW Editor’s Note: When it comes to prayer there are often two sides to the story. The person seeking God for an answer and the person or means by which God uses to answer. They come together, neither truly sure what is going on, but are quite aware what is […]

God Loves You

MW Editor’s Note.  Mentoring Warriors welcomes guest author Mike Hearne. Mike’s passion for mentoring and for seeing our lives permeated with the love of Jesus is seen the moment you meet him!  Today’s post offers a week’s worth of time in the Word, focusing on God’s amazing love for you. […]


MW Editor’s Note: Five years ago we launched the Mentoring Warriors’ website. This post is a flashback to one of the early posts about Christmas. The message is still the same. Read on. Loving Christmas I love Christmas! Granted, some of the hoopla gets to me, but all in all, […]

Raising Sons- Part 2

MW Editor’s note: From time to time we run across podcasts or videos that speak directly to the heart of our passion for all things mentoring. This week and next, we introduce to you Dr. Aaron Rock of Windsor Ontario Canada.  Aaron has three young adult sons ranging from 20 […]

Raising Sons- Part 1

MW Editor’s note: From time to time we run across podcasts or videos that speak directly to the heart of our passion for all things mentoring. This week and next, we introduce to you Dr. Aaron Rock of Windsor, Ontario, Canada.  Aaron has three young adult sons ranging from 20 […]

Dopamine Fix

The pressure felt like my mind was going to explode! I had to get a fix! The pain I was feeling was pushing me up against the wall. I couldn’t take it anymore. I had to get out of there. My need for an escape made my entire body feel […]

Harder to Fake It

Somewhere along the way from boyhood to manhood, the nature of a guy starts to shift. His awareness of the world around him expands. Adventure, exploration, experimentation.  Not just with physical objects, but with relationships as well. I recall at age 4 throwing a brick in the air, stepping aside, […]

Dying Too Soon

My mother-in-law died. She was 91. Her bout with dementia finally took her feeble 83-pound body.  Living in another country, we started the funeral planning process from 1500 miles away; texting and emails at first, then a phone call here or there. Flights were booked, Airbnb reserved, and coordinated with […]

God is Looking for a Man

And I sought for a man among them who should build up the wall and stand in the breach before me for the land, that I should not destroy it, but I found none. Ezekiel 22:30  Israel was in bad shape. Corruption was rampant. Parents were treated with contempt by […]

Child Profanity

No parent in their right mind would ever want their kid to use profanity, but the truth of the matter is our broken world is saturated with four-letter words.  You can hardly watch a TV show anymore without there being some form of vulgarity.  The F-word is now prevalent almost […]

Conversational Relationship with Jesus

Every so often, a phrase comes along that captures an aspect of what it means to walk with Jesus. For many decades, my living for Jesus was more about performance than anything else. Me trying harder. Me maxing out my abilities, leaving me at times exhausted, and depleted, wondering why […]

Was That God Speaking?

Deep down, I think we all want to hear from God; at least if his word to us is good. If it’s filled with conviction we tend to avoid anything remotely Jesus.  “Jesus, tell me I’ll meet the girl of my dreams soon!”  “Lord, tell me my next job is […]

Busy Work

As defined by Merriam-Webster: busywork noun : work that usually appears productive or of intrinsic value but actually only keeps one occupied The definition of what constitutes busy work versus productive work varies in the eye of the beholder.  Whereas God created work before man sinned, work has been impacted […]

Purity of Heart and Mind-Part 3 (Finale)

MW Editor’s note. We hope you have followed with us on this 3-week fire pit talk about purity of heart and mind. Check out this final part of one of the most vital parts of your manhood. I’ve personally seen young men entrenched in sexual addictions find their way to […]

Purity of Heart and Mind-Part 2

MW Editor’s note: If you missed last week’s post on Purity of both heart and mind, check it out. Today is the second part of what purity inside and out means for a man. We pick up on the difference between purity of behavior and the purity a man has […]

Purity of Heart and Mind-Part 1

MW Editor’s Note. This is a 3-part series taken from a firepit talk at a recent Mentoring Warriors Mountain Man Colorado Adventure Trip. Purity in both heart and mind is essential for every man. Your manhood journey needs this. Excited to have you along for the journey together! If we […]

Hair Glory

One of the guys I mentor recently graduated from barber school.  He cut my hair many times for practice as part of his class assignment. Looked good! It also gave us many opportunities to talk about life and Jesus and everything in between. Hair. We’re born with it, albeit some […]

King Me

Few books have impacted me as much as Michael Thompson’s King Me. So often, we men drift through life not exactly sure where we are headed, or what we are made for. Sure, we might have particular skills or interests, but when life is all said and done, is manhood […]

Essential Forgiveness-Part 2

MW Editor’s note. Last week, guest writer Mark Rogers set us on a challenge considering forgiveness as essential to life. This week, we pick up on where he left off and conclude what essentials we must do with forgiveness. Have you confessed Him as Lord? Do you believe in your […]

Essential Forgiveness-Part 1

MW Editor’s note: Mentoring Warriors welcomes Mark Rogers to the tribe of guest writers. Mark spoke during a Mentoring Warriors Mountain Man Adventure trip to Colorado. This week’s and next’s posts is a compilation of Mark’s thoughts on forgiveness.  Welcome, Mark. “Father, forgive them because they do not know what […]


MW Editor’s Note. Thanks to Mark WInter for his contributions to this article. Mark presented this at a men’s breakfast in Wichita. No one needs to remind you fatherhood is in a crisis. Families are in crisis. Our entire nation is in crisis largely because dads have dropped the ball […]

Dear Dad

MW Editor’s Note: Part of your masculine Journey is working through boyhood and young adult wounds. (We each have them.) As author and counselor, Jay Stringer points out, your current behaviors are not random. They began somewhere, and finding their origin is when healing can begin. Mentoring Warriors did a […]

Empathetic Words

Honestly, the first time I heard that phrase I thought,  “This is for sissies. What man needs to be empathetic? Guys are meant to be tough, strong, and forceful with their words. No way I’ll ever be empathetic.” As soon as that thought crossed my mind, the Lord reminded me […]

Sex Essentials

“Is there really a thing called sex?” a young twenty-something single guy asked me.  “Look, I know how babies are made and my body has been in raging hormone mode for years, but, to actually find a woman, fall in love, get married, and have sexual intercourse…like is that going […]

Faithful Fruit

One of the signs you are a true follower of Jesus is your measure of faithfulness. In Galatians 5, Paul tells us that faithfulness is a fruit of the Spirit. That is, if you are a person who willingly yields to the Holy Spirit, then one of the evidences will […]

5 Levels of Persecution

Sitting in our comfy North American homes, we who call ourselves Jesus followers have a far-off view of persecution. We read about it in the Bible. We know Jesus was persecuted. We know his disciples were beaten up and chained, but as we reason “that was then. Nothing like that […]

No More Mr. Nice Guy!

“Iron sharpens iron,     and one man sharpens another.” Proverbs 27:17 ESV Way too many of us men go about life on our own. Solo. No real authentic friends. Come to think of it, we developed this malady somewhere in our teens. Sure, we might have had the guys from the […]


Unexpected. Uncomfortable. Exposed. Embarrassed.  I hate it! Dread it. Loathe it.  Sometimes, people peg you, put you in a box, and won’t let you out of it. Or, maybe the truth is we put ourselves in a box and then project that image construct back on ourselves, thinking that others […]

Inversing Fear

It happened again. I woke up in the middle of the night, my stomach in knots. My mind racing over a myriad of things going on in life. My inadequacies loom large as I force myself to not look at the clock.  “Jesus, I cast this anxiety on you, again.” […]

Pray Naked

“But when you pray, go into your room and shut the door and pray to your Father who is in secret. And your Father who sees in secret will reward you.”  Matthew 6:6 ESV Ok, this might sound a bit awkward, but when you consider Jesus’ words about praying in […]

Jesus Shows Up

A few years ago a friend of mine was in Juba, South Sudan with two other Americans who were asked to travel to Torit to see a project some nuns were doing to help over one-thousand children. This is the story he shared.  Early on a Friday morning the three […]

Paradigm Shift

Stop calling yourself a Christian.  That word is a religious label placed on people who align with Christianity.  The reality is a lot of people check the box “Christian” when their life has no resemblance to Jesus whatsoever. The real question is, Do you follow Jesus? I didn’t ask, Do […]

Throw Away Your Christian Books

You read correctly. ” Whatever books you have that are less than 150 years old, that are Christian-based, toss them.” That’s what a very wise, godly man told me.  “With the exception of someone like C.S. Lewis who wrote about 70-80 years ago, throw your Christian books away.” I could […]

Stop Praying

What if you stopped praying for 30 days?  What would happen? Think long and hard about this question. If you notice no difference after 30 days of not praying, it reveals your spiritual life is flat. Virtually non-existent. On the other hand, if you stopped praying for 30 days and […]

Fathers and Children

As warrior-aged men fall in love, get married, and have children, the time comes when those little bambinos grow up. You graduate from diapers and nursing to crawling, walking, and talking. Personalities come forth and as a dad, you want them to shine as they become young men and young […]

Man Love

In our chaotic world, the idea of man-love has been hijacked by the Woke view that blurs the lines in a wide gamut of areas from sexuality to entitlement. Gender lines are so confusing that minors (children) are being castrated and mutilated in an attempt to put someone in the […]

Your Sexuality is a Storyteller- Part 2

Exploring Your Sexual Story1 In a recent post, I surveyed God’s Story of lovingly pursuing his people, and I offered brief thoughts about how your sexuality is meant to tell that story.  Here, we focus on the story your sexuality is already telling, the story of how relationships have shaped […]

Your Sexuality is a Storyteller-Part 1

MW Editor’s Note: Mentoring Warriors welcomes counselor Andrew Bell to the tribe. His two-part series on your sexual story, along with the Sexual Resources and Writing Prompts found in the Resource Section of this website are intended to bring God’s insight into the beautiful world of God-created sexuality. Embodying the […]


Growing up, I didn’t realize it, but my church had a performance-based bent.  There was an image to maintain. You were a good Christian if you were in church every time the doors were opened. We sang our hymns, memorized our verses, and stayed away from worldly things.  That is […]

25 Cent Love

“Cheap love. A literal waste of my time!” That’s what I thought when I first heard the term, 25 cent love. You can’t buy much for a quarter these days. Not to mention, love. Yet,  Jesus is all about love.  “Love one another, as I have loved you.”  Jesus. When […]

Revival God’s Way

MW Editor’s note: By the time this article posts, the revival at Asbury University in Wilmore, Kentucky that has caught the nation may or may not be continuing. Regardless, this spiritual phenomenon has not been seen in America in over fifty years. Read on for some thoughts on what to […]

Newlywed Hurdles

It’s happened to virtually every newlywed couple I know, including us. Things you either figured would come but perhaps not in the form or fashion you imagined it.  There are three challenges almost every couple has to deal with if they want to see any semblance of marital health: Finances […]

Get Your Calling On!

I have heard guys of many ages talk about their “calling” or feeling called to do something. Like many young boys, I always had a picture of who I wanted to be when I grew up in my mind. The problem is that picture was constantly changing. The first job […]

Adversaries to Pursuit

Seeking the Lord is the most important pursuit a man can have. God tells us in Amos 5:4 to “seek him and live.”   Hebrews 11:6 says  And without faith, it is impossible to please him, for whoever would draw near to God must believe that he exists and that he […]

Snip and Clip

It’s probably one of the most awkward procedures a guy can have. A vasectomy. Lying on the table, exposed through a surgical drape. The doctor injects an anesthetic, waits for the area to numb, and with a surgical instrument in hand, he makes a tiny incision. Your two vas deferens […]

Follow the Trail

“Will you get off my back!” Trevor yelled at his wife. Kate couldn’t believe this was happening again.  “He blows up over the smallest thing. All I asked was if he could take out the trash and he gets so angry. Where is this coming from?” Trevor knew he was […]

Three Myths About Evangelism

Before you write this one off claiming you are not an evangelist, think again. If you claim to follow Jesus, then you are called by Him to spread the word of the Lord to others. In essence, the Gospel is to be ready on your lips when the opportunity arises. […]

4 Steps to Porn-Free Living

Do you feel trapped by porn? In two decades of ministry, I have found that pornography is the single greatest threat to young men who want to live godly and victorious lives. The average boy is exposed to pornography by the time he is in 8th grade. The average Christian […]

Finding a Mentor

Let me be straight up with you. Regardless of your score and regardless of your attitude, you NEED a mentor. I wish there was one of those “That Was Easy” buttons to push and a perfect mentor would suddenly appear! Life does not work that way. It takes intention and […]