Along with the Posts page, this Resource section will be changing. As we find helpful resources for both the mentor and warrior, we will add them here.  Check back often!

And Sons Magazine

This is an online magazine produced by John Eldredge’s sons.  Each of his sons is a warrior in their own right. This is part of Ransomed Heart Ministries.  Enjoy some every expanding views on manhood. They are also coming out with a printed version of the magazine as well.

Killing Lions

Several years ago when our son left for college, I wrestled with whether I had done enough to prepare him to leave. For three weeks, I anguished, second-guessed and beat myself up over my role as his dad.  “At 18, he’s gone and I’m done as a dad.” Or so I thought. Until, by providence, I stumbled upon these videos. They revolutionized my understanding of what a young man is going through and my new role as his dad.  More man to man, adult to adult. The entire name Warrior is spawned out of these videos. Young men, 18-30 figuring life out. Never meant to do it alone. This is why we need mentors! Watch on!

Four Levels of Real Accountability for Men

This is a good “cheat sheet” for what is the essence of accountability.

Four Levels of Real Accountability Cheat Sheet – PDF

Warrior Discovery Self Assessment

This is a PDF version of the self-assessment

Warrior Discovery Self Assessment – PDF

Pornography and Purity

If you are looking for an excellent faith-based DVD series addressing sexual issues, Check out the Conquer Series produced by Kingdomworks Studios.  I have personally used this powerful DVD series with men who struggle with lust and the outfall of pornography.

Every Man A Warrior

If you are looking for help with being a man of God, EMAW is an excellent resource!  There are three books that walk you through everything from the basics of faith to marriage and children to work, sex, money and having an impact on others.  I’ve personally been through these books three times each in one-on-one mentor settings and small groups.  Watch the video and check out their website!


Noblemen Ministries

This is an excellent 90-day course on biblical manhood. It will give you a greater sense of what God defines a man to be and places practical tools in your hand to become that kind of godly man within the context of other men.  I’ve personally seen how it has changed the life of a young college-aged man I mentor! Check out this website and video link!

Pure Desire Ministries
Did you know that 33% of all Americans check out a porn site at least once a month? 68% of Christian men struggle with unwanted sexual behavior and 25% of Christian women struggle with sexual dependency.  If you or a friend you know falls into one of those statistics, check out Pure Desire Ministries. I attended one of their Pure Desire University weekend sessions and found the content pertinent and communicated by leaders, like their Executive Director Nick Stumbo, who truly care about your purity in Christ.  Check out these links.
Pure Desire Ministries
Pure Desire University
For Students Struggling with Addictions

Proven Men Ministries

Proven Men is a ministry that helps men become free from sexual addictions. Through a 12-week study and 1 on 1 accountability, Proven Men strengthens men to find their freedom in Christ.

Romans 13:14 says to Put on Christ and make no provisions for the flesh in regards to its desires. If you want to help with making no provisions of God’s call on your life, check out this link to Covenant Eyes. Enter Promo code Warriors

Mentoring Warriors-Tattoo Consideration Checklist. Are you considering a tattoo? Follow this link to an article and Tattoo Consideration Checklist. It’s not a fool-proof, slam-dunk formula, but it should make you think about it before getting inked.

Exploring Your Sexual Story Resources and Writing Prompts. This is a helpful tool for exploring any sexual past that needs healing. Use this in conjunction with the two articles by Andrew Bell. Follow these links to Part 1 and Part 2 articles. Follow this link to the PDF