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Finding a Mentor

Let me be straight up with you. Regardless of your score and regardless of your attitude, you NEED a mentor. I wish there was one of those “That Was Easy” buttons to push and a perfect mentor would suddenly appear! Life does not work that way. It takes intention and […]

Mentoring Helps

Mentoring Principles 101

This is the first of several posts related to principles in mentoring. They are excerpts of David Riffel’s upcoming book, Mentoring Warriors: Coming Alongside Young Men 18-30. When it comes to mentoring, I am less about programs and more about the organic way that mentoring relationships form. There is no […]

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Who is a Mentor?

“I could never be a mentor!” I’ve heard that excuse more times than I can count.  In fact, I’ve said the very same thing. “Me?  Mentor?  Are you kidding?!  What do I have to offer?”  And, so the lies permeate and kill opportunities standing right in front of you to […]


Mentoring Warriors Self-Management pt. 2

Contrary to popular belief, you are not invincible! Culture, mass-media is desperate to convince us we can live forever, even if it is virtually. Most advertisements are geared for millennials with this idea that you can have and do and be whatever you want with no real negative consequences! Newsflash! […]


Mentoring Warriors Self-Management pt. 1

Self-Management- “taking responsibility for one’s behavior and handling of personal affairs”. Typical boyhood to manhood transitions is a gradual gaining of independence with responsibility.  Financially, you start picking up more of the tab; weaning yourself off your parents’ payroll!  At least, that’s what they want, you might not be so […]