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Team Malawi- August-September, 2024

August 27-September 14, 2024 God is up to something great in Malawi!  Through Emmanuel International, (EI) missionaries Scott, and Lorilee MacLean have invested decades in living out Jesus with believers in Africa. The MacLeans are committed to Christian Worldview Development, and often help is needed from the broader Body of […]


Missing Babies

Stumbling across an annual abortion report on our State’s website, I decided to download it for future ponderance. The statistics tell a story. Stories of lives conceived and later terminated before birth.  In fact. something must have changed in our State’s abortion laws such that the number of abortions last […]

Faith, Identity


The past few months have been fast-paced, yet rich in experience. Along with the recent Mentoring Warriors’ eight-week Boot Camp, there’s been an unfolding of new relationships. New stories are being told of young men each on their journeys; some with Jesus, others figuring out if Jesus is all who […]