A Warrior’s Daily Prayer

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MW Editor’s note.  Mentoring Warriors welcomes back Justin Wells to the guest author’s stand.  Justin is 23 from southeast Missouri. He has been making knives since he was 14 and now runs Hammer and Spear Knives.  Justin understands mentoring. He’s investing in young high school guys, showing them the love of Jesus and how knowing him affects their manhood journey. 

Justin wrote a prayer and challenged his high school guys to pray this daily for a month. We are passing that challenge on to you. In your manhood journey, seek Jesus by using this daily prayer. 

Try this prayer daily for a month and see how the Lord uses it to impact you.

Jesus, I need more of you, more of your guidance, more of your peace, and more of your love. I’ve tried for so long to do this on my own but I’ve only ever hurt myself in the end. So before I start this day I want to surrender. I Surrender my life, my calling, and my relationships to you Lord. I let go of all the ways I try to put on a mask or arrange my own steps apart from you. Let me step into this day as the man you created me to be. 

As the sun begins to rise again help me to remember the boundless grace that has been made available to me, not so that I may go on sinning but only so that I may always find my way home to you. Jesus as I walk in your ways I will need help. 

Show me my portion for each season, and let me seek to rule my kingdom well rather than fast large or based off of human opinion… I know this path will cost me, maybe more than I can fully realize as I write this But you promise your ways to lead to life and I trust you. 

Jesus, I recognize that this way of life will be opposed by the world and the devil, that any son or daughter that has been brought home will be the target of violent warfare. 

Give me the strength to identify it quickly and rebuke the darkness before it has the chance to sink its teeth into my heart. As a man in your kingdom, I will have to fight for my relationships, my calling, and my union with you but in a world at war, I recognize if I rush into battles that aren’t mine to fight my own exhaustion will lead me to neglect you HAVE called me to. 

Help me to know when to pick up my sword and when to put it down. And finally, Jesus help me not to measure my life not by the day or even by the week but instead by the decade recognizing its the small obedient steps over time that you use to bring about the most change in this world and that you use to bring me back into alignment with yourself. 

Father grow me into a mighty oak with deep roots to withstand any storm and that I may bear fruit when it’s summer and rest when it’s winter. That as my life plays out in this broken world I may give this world the life strength and love that you have given me.


Listen to Justin Wells pray the Warrior’s Daily Prayer.

Warrior On!

Justin Wells
Hammer and Spear Knives |

Justin Wells is a 20-something warrior who lives in the woods of Southeast Missouri with his new bride. Growing up in church his whole life, Jesus came after Justin's heart a couple of years ago and rescued him from the religious fog. Now it’s his goal to show other guys the truth of this wild adventure known as the gospel and how there is a real relationship to be had with Jesus. You can find Justin on Instagram and discover more about his life and his knives. Justin has also been featured in And Sons Magazine- Volume 7.

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