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25 Tips from a 25-Year-Old

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MW Editor’s note: Mentoring Warriors welcomes Cadin Limon as a guest contributor. As a warrior turning 25, Cadin shares 25 tips that will help any man regardless of age. Let us know which are your top five from his list.

Ringing in a “quarter of a century” birthday only has me excited for the, hopefully, many years I have left. Here are 25 things I have learned or am grateful for that I hope can be of encouragement should you find yourself reading this.

1. My brain is now apparently fully developed. At least that’s what my wife Rachel Limon tells me. 

2. God is good, even when everything else sucks. His peace is divine and should be sought regardless of circumstance.

3. Rest is an undervalued asset you should commit time to. We have been trying to practice Sabbath for the last year on Saturdays and it has done wonders.

4. Relationships are eternal, spend time on eternal things. The rest isn’t going with you.

5. God can prescribe very counterintuitive measures to test your obedience. Just act and see what happens. I haven’t been disappointed yet.

6. Jesus is a person who wants a relationship with you, not a book trying to force you into a box.

7. 25 is pretty dang young, stop rushing. Anything worthwhile takes a while. Give yourself ten years on your one thing.

8. Determine your ONE THING. Thank you Cory Harkleroad for sharing that book with me. It has truly changed my life. Mine is to make friends and make deals. (technically two but you get the idea)

9. Learn to actively listen. Most people are just waiting for their turn to talk. Shut your brain up and actually listen and reflect on what people are saying to you. You will be amazed with the results

10. If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far go together. (Credit to Kevin Jordan on this one)

11. Stop thinking about how you can win and start focusing on helping others win, yours will come as an overflow of that.

12. Seek counsel, mentors have been a huge blessing in my work life and my marriage. Thank you Eric Melgren, David Case, David Riffel, and Kent Bresee.

13. You have much more authority than you realize. Stop focusing on what you can’t control and start focusing on what you can.

14. No one cares what you’re doing, so stop worrying about it and just be where your feet are.

15. The ability to be present is undervalued, and not often taught, learn this ASAP.

16. Today has enough troubles, again, be where your feet are.

17. Relationships are not sustainable without reconciliation. You will hurt each other’s feelings, know that going in and make up quick.

18. Don’t take yourself so seriously.

19. Travel, experience new cultures, try weird foods. (bra meat, look it up)

20. There is no summit to the mountain, the greatest are the greatest because they never stop learning.

21. Run your own race. Don’t worry about those around you. (Thanks Papa)

22. It’s okay to have tough days and tough times. Just don’t quit.

23. God didn’t mess up when he made you. Know and rejoice that he rejoices over you with loud singing. (Zephaniah 3:17 I think)

24. Seek His Kingdom first and everything else will be added to you. I have personally seen this to be true, even when it made no sense.

25. Act like you’re going to live till 100. No one knows their days, so enjoy your work, and enjoy what you have.

Warrior On!

Cadin Limon

Cadin Limon has been married for four years and has been a Wichita resident for seven years. He and his wife love to travel and are foodies.  As a career real estate investor who loves to "make friends and make deals." Cadin hopes the article is an encouragement and is happy to discuss any of the topics covered at my contact info below.


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