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10 Things to Know from an Aussie Warrior

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MW editor’s note. Mentoring Warriors welcomes indie folk artist Samuel Ayling. Hailing from Australia, his moniker is This New Light. Featured on all streaming music services, Sam has forged his niche in the music world; living in his self-converted van and touring Australia with gigs in a variety of venues. He outlines 10 lessons for those wanting to launch a music career. At 25, Sam will tell you it’s not all smooth sailing, but every twist and turn is worth it!  The future is looking bright just like his moniker, This New Light.

Mentoring Warriors and Sam have been communicating for a couple of years now. Whether you are a budding artist or not, he has words for the wise.

Dive into this ten-minute YouTube video and enjoy his Aussie accent!

Warrior On!

Samuel Ayling
Musician at This New Light

This New Light is an indie-folk music project based on the Sunshine Coast, Australia. Samuel Ayling, the creative mind behind the songs, has developed a signature silky sound that has drawn listeners in over the past 5 years, with tracks like 'The Mountains' and 'End of the Line' accumulating over 4 million streams each on Spotify. His songs have even appeared in feature-length films ('Outback', Michael Green) and major corporate videos (Snap Chat).

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