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MW Editor’s Note: When it comes to prayer there are often two sides to the story. The person seeking God for an answer and the person or means by which God uses to answer. They come together, neither truly sure what is going on, but are quite aware what is happening is supernatural.

The first part of this story begins with the person seeking God for answers. One of Mentoring Warriors’ champions, Triston Mathers, shared a story about his mother on social media. It’s a story of the power of prayer. Triston’s mother, Grace was in need of prayer. The second part of this story is told by Richard Coe. He, along with some other men was used by God in a supernatural encounter with Grace. Both have given permission to share this inspiring story on Mentoring Warriors.

Part 1-Grace’s Story

Something happened today. Something unexpected but perfectly perfect in all ways.

Today I went to Station 8 BBQ with work friends.

When I pulled up I noticed a fella putting out signs that said ” A place to pray” with an arrow pointing to a direction.

I thought to myself wow I need to follow up on that after my meal.

I must say… I forgot all about it for a time while I ate food with friends.

I now have a full happy belly and in my car, I see the signs again and I am so curious that I follow them to a parking lot of a church where 5 gentlemen are sitting at a table.

Something I must share is that I just had my breast biopsy a few days ago and I was supposed to get results today but unfortunately, they did not come in.

I have to wait until Monday. As we all know waiting and fretting and being anxious is horrible for me so… 

I’ve been going through my day just tied up in knots and trying very hard not to show it.

I don’t normally open myself up to random folks but I felt led to do it with these guys at this random table in this random parking lot.

I knew I was just where God wanted me to be.

I walked up and they asked what I needed prayer for and I just let it all spill out about my biopsy and the worries and fears I have.

These wonderful men prayed over me and this peace that I can’t explain came over me.

I needed that so much.

They wanted to get my name so I gave it to them. One fella piped up and said…

Do you happen to be related to Triston Mathers??

And I told him yes that is my son.

He had the most joyous smile on his face when he said My name is Richard Coe.

Meet Bruce, Grace, and Richard

Hearing that instantly made me cry because this man is someone my son met years ago and that has been a big guiding light in my son’s life.

I have heard about him and he has heard about me through Triston but neither of us have ever met.

We both laughed and cried together in this downtown parking lot.

Like I said, perfectly perfect.

They said I was an answer to their prayers as they were for me.

I believe without a shadow of doubt that God played a part in what happened today.

I was blessed but I know those men were as well.

I know I have a lot of friends that don’t believe like I do and that’s ok but I felt led to share this.

If you ever find yourself in a tailspin emotionally or physically, these guys put out their signs every Friday and sit rain or shine in the parking lot waiting to just pray with you.

Part 2- Richard’s Story

Faith Enhancing Experience

It has been almost 47 years since I told our Father I wanted Jesus to be first in my life.

While I could say many wonderful things about my journey with Jesus, I will acknowledge that my confidence in prayer has left something to be desired.  On many occasions, I have been with others who seemingly had more confidence in God answering prayer than I had.

God wants us to trust Him.  In fact, we cannot experience His love if we do not trust Him.  One aspect of trusting God is believing that He hears and answers prayer.

In recent weeks and months, I have had increased awareness of God’s hand at work. Once in a while, I have a faith-enhancing experience and that happened on November 3, 2023.

As I was wrapping up my breakfast meeting with my mentor, Dr. Richard Spann, he asked how he might pray for me.  He was aware of my involvement with a small group of men who have made ourselves available for prayer in a downtown Wichita church parking on mid-day Fridays for about 6 months. I told him I was wondering whether I should continue my involvement with this downtown prayer group and also wondered about the future of the group itself with winter approaching.  So, Dr. Richard Spann prayed for guidance on these matters.

A few hours later five of us were visiting around a table in the parking lot of St. Anthony’s Catholic Church.  We have used this space with the blessing of our brother in Christ, Father Ben Nguyen, who is the priest for this primarily Vietnamese congregation.

A woman drove into the parking lot.  It takes some faith for a woman to approach a table of 5 men and ask for prayer, but this is what she did.  We asked for her name and she said, “Grace.”

Our leader, Dennie Daugherty, had a little flask of oil and he asked me to anoint her, which I did, while we prayed.  Grace thanked us and had stood up to leave when I asked her for her last name.  When she said “Mathers” I found myself wondering if there was any chance she was related to Triston.  When she said “Triston is my son” I was stunned, elated and somewhat overwhelmed.  There are about 400,000 people living in Wichita.  And two years ago I learned that the Hebrew language does not have a word for coincidence.

Triston is 23 and we have been friends for about two years.

About 27 years ago Dennie Daugherty and a few other men started meeting weekly to pray for each other and for others.  A friend told my wife, Deb, about this group with the thought that I might appreciate it.  So most Tuesday mornings for the last two years I have met with typically 20 to 25 men for prayer.  Earlier this year Dennie started talking about the possibility of being available downtown for prayer so the smaller Friday group emerged from the larger Tuesday morning group.

A few days after we prayed for Grace Mathers I learned from Triston that the biopsy results were negative.  We thank God for the great news and I thank Him for the entire faith-enhancing experience.

Warrior On!

Grace Mathers and Richard Coe
Grace Mathers

Grace lives in Wichita, Kansas and is mom to Triston, a Mentoring Warrior!

Richard Coe

Richard is a retired businessman in Wichita, Kansas who finds himself living out 2 Timothy 2:2 by investing in young men for Christ. Richard co-leads a Friday Morning group of young men interested in iron sharpening relationships.

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