Raising Sons- Part 1

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MW Editor’s note: From time to time we run across podcasts or videos that speak directly to the heart of our passion for all things mentoring. This week and next, we introduce to you Dr. Aaron Rock of Windsor, Ontario, Canada.  Aaron has three young adult sons ranging from 20 to 25 years old. Each is a warrior in their own right. Below is a link to a podcast where the four of them talk about the challenges and joys of fathering and being a son in the culture we live in. Whether you are a single guy hoping to marry and have kids someday, or you are an empty-nester who finds yourself coming alongside young warrior men, married or single, you will want to listen to this conversation. It had a profound impact on me!

Warrior On!

Aaron Rock

Aaron Rock is the pastor of Harvest Bible Church in Windsor Ontario Canada. He also leads a website called where various topics and challenges facing Jesus-followers are tackled in a way that seeks the glory of God in all things. You can also reach Aaron at


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