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Let’s Talk Submission

Mentoring Warriors Editor’s Note: From time to time we at Mentoring Warriors come across a podcast or video that would be of benefit to our followers. Some of you are married and figuring out how to lead your family. Others dream of marriage, and like me, when I was single, didn’t really understand what headship in marriage was all about. 

Thirty-Minutes with the Perrys

Preston and Jackie Hill Perry host a podcast you can find on most media outlets. They have a frank and candid conversation about what biblical submission looks like. And, it’s NOTHING like what our culture tells us it is. This is part two. The first part focused on Headship in Marriage. A link can be found on the Mentoring Warriors website post for January 12, 2023.

Follow the link below to a YouTube of Thirty-Minutes with the Perrys.

Preston Perry is husband to Jackie and Father to Eden, Autumn, Sage, and August. He is also a poet, performance artist, teacher, and apologist.

Jackie Hill Perry is a wife to Preston and Mommy to Eden, Autumn, Sage, and August. She is also a Bible teacher and Author of "Holier Than Thou" and “Gay Girl, Good God”.

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