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Letters to Younger Me- Age 15

MW Editor’s Note:  From time to time, we post a series of letters that older you might have written to younger you. Letters that help bring perspective and hope for the future. Perhaps some of these letters resonate with you. Perhaps, some of these letters might help you work through some growing-up experiences that have shaped the man you are becoming or should become. 

Dear Younger Me.

Well, you survived your first year of high school. What a place! Over 1500 students, and what seems like miles of hallways. You like marching band a lot. Mr. Emmons is a hard driver of a teacher, but the effort has paid off!  Your band won the Battle of the Bands competition! Playing trombone is fun and it gets you out on Friday nights for football and hanging with newfound friends. In fact, your social graces are branching out. You are a good guy and I see glimpses of self-confidence emerging.

Your drafting class is your favorite! In fact, you are excelling so much your teacher has you on your own independent study. You are going through two years of studies in two semesters. I honestly believe you are on the path to becoming an architect!  


While you are seeing successes at school (despite Algebra class), things at home are getting tense. The more mom and dad tell you what to do, the more you push back. In fact, you are getting to a point where you are negotiating how little you can attend church. If you had your way, it would be never. Church has become boring. Dull. Uninteresting. Other things have your attention. The freedom marching band gives you, riding your bike further and further from home. Fantasizing about girls. 

It seems you all settled on Sunday mornings and youth group. That gives you Sunday nights to hang out, watch TV, or do other things, like eat all the snacks you want or the chance to masturbate. (You’ve seemed to slown down on that last issue unless you are super tired or stressed about something.)

Can I just say that the very thing you are pushing away (Jesus) is the very person who can give you the things your soul is really looking for? I’m hoping you reconsider Him.

Privacy at Last!

After two years, you FINALLY got your own bedroom!  That’s one reason why you want to stay home from church; to enjoy your own space and privacy!  Mom and dad saved up enough money and had the garage enclosed. Your own room! In fact, they let you paint it orange. Having your own space has been a super boost to your confidence. Mom said she hears you whistle a lot, and that makes us all happy!

Many Changes

Growing up has its perks. Despite your fence-riding with Jesus, you are experiencing new things that are a boost to your identity.  Meeting Gary and eventually buying his bike. Gary is a good friend and his own love for Jesus is apparent. It seems you always have that drafting T-square out, even at home. Watching TV and working up some house plan or design. Spending a week at summer church camp and then another week or two at your cousin’s farm riding mini-bike and playing fort in the hayloft. 

I don’t want you to think life is all doom and gloom. You’ve got some good things happening!  Keep pressing on. And, if not for yourself, then for older you (me), would you consider letting Jesus into more of your life?  James 4:5 talks about the fact that God longs for the spirit that he made in you.

Want to see a college basketball game this weekend?

Warrior On!

David Riffel is the Founder and Executive Director of Having gone through his warrior years (18-30) essentially without a mentor, God has placed in him a heart for warriors, to come alongside them in various ways as they figure out life. David’s newly released book, Mentoring Warriors: Coming Alongside Young Men 18-30, outlines principles for mentoring and gives advice for warriors in six key areas of life: self-management, life skills, education/career, relationships, faith, and identity.

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