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Deadly Thought #2: The Stronghold of Insecurity

MW Editor’s Note. Mentoring Warriors welcomes guest author Travis Hall. Travis is the author of a newly released book “7 Deadly Thoughts: Conquer the Thoughts that Limit Your Life”  An excellent read on the seven lies we tend to let control our lives. This week and next, Travis walks us through two of them.

Do you ever find yourself thinking I don’t have what it takes?

This lie is fueled by fear and rooted in the stronghold of insecurity. The truth is we all deal with insecurity in one form or another. We make mistakes, people hurt us – life happens. When we don’t process our painful feelings in a manner that’s healthy, our perception of ourselves becomes poisoned, insecurity takes root, and we begin to accumulate all kinds of baggage in our lives.

Ironically, it’s usually not insecurity itself that creates the baggage but all of the unhealthy ways we attempt to cope with it. Insecurity often manifests in opposite extremes: 

It can cause someone to

• stay single for the rest of their lives or pursue multiple affairs. 

• constantly brag about themselves or never talk about themselves at all. 

• either hate being in front of a camera or become a camera hog. 

• refuse to admit when they’re wrong (for fear of being seen as weak), or always take the blame, even when it’s not their fault (because they want to be liked and accepted). 

You see, until you and I confront our insecurities, we’ll always find ourselves hiding among our baggage, thinking I don’t have what it takes, and we’ll spend our lives trying to prove to everyone that we do.

Saul-Baggage Hider

Probably no person in the Bible so clearly personifies insecurity like King Saul. The handsome son of a wealthy man, Saul stood head and shoulders above the rest. He had the finest education, clothes, and houses that money could buy and became one of the most skilled military leaders in the entire Israelite army.

Yet when it came time for Saul to officially step into his destiny and be crowned king, he actually went MIA and was eventually found hiding among the baggage.

How could a man who was so gifted and chosen actually hide from his own purpose?

Saul’s perception of himself had been poisoned. The problem wasn’t with how God or the people thought of Saul. The issue was with how Saul thought about Saul. 

Make no mistake. Insecurity is like an obnoxious, uninvited house guest that won’t leave on its own. If you refuse to confront it head-on, then whenever a God-ordained opportunity comes your way, the presence of unchecked insecurity in your life will cause you to hide among your own baggage.

The Bible tells us that before the giant threatened David the shepherd boy, Goliath taunted the armies of Israel and King Saul, who cowered in his tent. In reality, the most dangerous giant in Saul’s life wasn’t the one standing in front of him — it was the one living inside of him. It was the giant of insecurity that kept telling him you don’t have what it takes.

David-Baggage Hider

Even though David had collected a lot of baggage of his own (the Bible reveals that he was bullied by his brothers and neglected by his father) he refused to play it safe. But just before he took the field of battle against Goliath, he did something that I believe changed the game and gave him the upper hand. Scripture says: “Then David left his baggage in the care of the baggage keeper, and ran to the battle line…” —1 Samuel 17:22 (NASB) David left his baggage with the baggage keeper. Although the verse applies to the physical baggage he was carrying, there is spiritual significance in this statement. David couldn’t go into battle carrying the extra weight of bitterness, offense, fear and insecurity, so he made the choice to let it all go. By doing so, he purified his perception and positioned himself to walk in victory over his giant. 

Other Insecure People in the Bible

There are countless other men and women in Scripture who were no strangers to insecurity and its baggage:

God chose Moses to lead His people out of captivity. But Moses saw himself as a poor leader and a lousy public speaker. Like Moses, insecurity will try to get you to believe that God either picked the wrong person for the job or picked the wrong job for the person. However, it’s in our weaknesses that God is visibly the strongest (see 2 Corinthians 12:9). Moses experienced tremendous success because he chose to leave his baggage with the Baggage Keeper.

Peter was so insecure about his identity that when the pressure was on, he denied even knowing Jesus three separate times in order to fit in with the crowd. Yet on another day, he had the courage to preach Christ in front of thousands of strangers. What happened? The answer: Peter left his baggage with the Baggage Keeper. 

Then there was Mary—a poor girl from a poor town who was chosen by God to become the mother of Jesus. When she learned about her heavenly assignment, Mary’s mind was clouded with doubt and insecurity: 

How can this happen? I don’t have what it takes. I don’t even have a husband. I’ve never done this before. But Mary decided to check her baggage and believe God: I’m a little freaked out, and I have no idea how this is going to work. But I’m going to step into it anyway and trust God with the outcome. Mary gives us a picture of what it means to genuinely trust God when what we see and understand about life makes no sense. 

Are You Insecure?

How about you? What giants are you facing? What would your life look like if you refused to stay trapped in the stronghold of insecurity and gave yourself permission to believe that God loves you, accepts you, and favors you right now? Keep in mind it’s not the baggage that will determine your outcome in life. It’s what you choose to do with the baggage that determines your ability to fulfill your God-ordained destiny. There is hope for you! Jesus is willing to be your Baggage Keeper. What He did for David and countless others, He’ll also do for you. 

Warrior On!

Travis Hall

Travis serves as the Lead Pastor of Life Church International, a dynamic and diverse congregation in Metro Atlanta, and holds his Bachelors of Science degree in Ministry with an emphasis in Leadership/Administration from Lee University and his Masters in Ministry with an emphasis on Spiritual Formation from Richmont Graduate University. He has 18 years of ministry experience and is passionate about helping leaders start well and stay well, and helping people discover, develop and protect their God-given purpose. Travis engages weekly with a community of growing leaders on Instagram @pastortravishall and on his blog here at Travis resides in Atlanta with his wife Tina and their five children.

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