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Framing the Season

Editor’s Note: This post is taken from podcast #139 produced by And Son’s Magazine. The link to their podcast is in this post.

MW: Life is fluid, never static. Changes happen. Some you plan for and others, well, they hit you unexpectedly. Rock your world. However change happens to you, it is always a good idea to pause and reflect on the season; the season that just ended, and the one that you now entering. I found this podcast from Sam and Blaine Eldredge of And Son’s Magazine and Podcast to be a very helpful tool in framing where my life is.

How to get the most out of this post

  1. Listen to the podcast.
  2. Ask God to show you what season you are coming out of and what season you are entering. 
  3. Read through the questions Sam and Blaine pose.  Slowly. Take your time. Block out an evening or a portion of a day. It’s that important.
  4. Jot Down your initial responses to each question. Even if you have no answer.  Say so.
  5. Process with someone who knows you well. If this process raises some challenges in your life, I HIGHLY suggest you reach out to your mentor. Processing this with someone who also wants to hear the heart of God can be pivotal in the story God is writing in your life.


1. What are you doing, Jesus, in me in this season?

2. What’s the theme of this season?

3. What do I need to know about my role in your larger mission for this season?

4. What prophetic words, images, or instructions do you want to call to mind to frame this season?

5. What are you doing in my (area of concern: work, marriage, house search, job search, etc) in particular?


1. What warfare is set against me in this season? What strategies is the enemy employing in an attempt to undermine your work, Jesus?

2. Who’s in charge (the ranking foul spirit)?

3. What is set against my marriage (or area of concern from above), in particular?

4. What in my flesh is vulnerable, or in the way of what you’d like to do?

5. What in the World is particularly opposed to your work in this season?


1. What is your provision in this season? What is it in you, Jesus, and in your kingdom and work, that overwhelms and envelops the opposition as I take hold of it?

2. Provision for the warfare?

3. Provision for the opposition of my flesh?

4. Provision for the opposition of the world?

5. What personal instructions to you have for me to help my alignment with you in this season?

6. Anything else?

MW: And Son’s Magazine ( is focused on reaching young men from a Christian perspective. In many respects, their vision parallels ours at Mentoring Warriors.  And Son’s byline says it all “Initiation and the Young Man’s Soul”.  Take these questions to heart. Let God frame the season you are in, because, whether you realize it or not, you are in a season. God is writing His story in you and it’s worth taking time to listen from your soul.

Warrior On!

Sam Eldredge
Executive Editor at And Sons Magazine | Website

Sam Eldredge is coauthor of Killing Lions (book and video series), Executive Editor of And Sons Magazine and the And Sons Podcast. He also serves as Outreach Director for Millennial Men for Ransomed Heart Ministries in Colorado Springs. Sam is passionate about the initiation of the young man's soul for Christ. He's excited about Mentoring Warriors and the opportunity to Warrior On!

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