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On my heart and mind recently has been the concept of “enough” and trusting God for enough. We first see this concept in Genesis 2:1 which says, “Thus the heavens and the earth were finished, and all the host of them.” This is verse is

In the first verse of the first chapter, we see God creating. In the first verse of the second chapter, we see God finishes. God stops. Stop. The world and everything therein was perfect. And God stopped. God said, “I have done enough”. This is fascinating because of what God did NOT do. He did NOT continue creating. Rather, when the earth and all the fullness thereof was perfect without sin or blemish God said “enough”.

However, one of the first things we learn about God’s ultimate creation, Man, was that he did NOT say “enough”. Man could eat from any tree except one in the Garden of Eden. Instead, Man chose to eat from the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, the only tree they were not allowed to eat. Instead of trusting God and saying “enough”, Man said “more”. Instead of being satisfied eating from all but one tree, Man wanted to eat from every tree. Man did not stop.

Enough is Enough

How much pain can we trace to our inability to stop? How much heartache do we cause by our unwillingness to say “enough”?

I know I have often had a gnawing feeling inside that leads me to believe I don’t have enough money or I need to stay at the office longer or if I’m not good enough if I don’t spend Saturday’s fixing things around the house. I have this feeling that I do not have enough or even worse that I am not enough.

But it is not right that God, our Creator, would say enough and rest. But we, the Creation, cannot!

I have a simple solution. Trust that in God we have enough and that in God we are enough.

Simple Solution

This solution is simple, but it is not easy. We have powerful internal and external foes opposing our trust in God. We have inherited a generational sin stretching back to Adam & Eve that says, “you do not have enough, you need more”!

Not only have we inherited this generational sin, but Satan our great Enemy would love nothing more than to mire Believers in building their own kingdom’s here on Earth instead of seeking first the Kingdom of God. He so often does this with the lie “You need just a bit more. One more day, one more deal, one more relationship and then you will have enough.”

So, under pressure from enemies within and without we keep going unto our own destruction. We eat till we die. We buy until we’re broke. We work until we haven’t a friend. We seek beauty until we are ugly.

How different would our lives look if we chose to say “enough”? How different would our lives be if we believed we had enough money, enough social capital, enough beauty?

With the stakes being nothing short of our own destruction, how do we oppose these foes arrayed against us?

Helpful Guideposts

There are a couple of guideposts that can help us determine “enough”.

First, we must use wisdom to discern what is a responsible course of action. This can be difficult as there is no formula for using wisdom. What is wise in one circumstance is foolish in another. Nevertheless, I will give you one. My favorite rubric to use for determining wisdom is from Kansas Bible Camp. KBC has three rules…

1.     Be nice

2.     Don’t be stupid

3.     Obey God.

Next, if we have “enough” we will not be in violation of a direct Biblical command. For example, there is no Biblical command against being wealthy or making money. There is a command against loving money. And there is a command against being lazy.

I urge you to trust God and be satisfied. To believe you have enough and rest. Do not follow your desires unto your own destruction!

At this point, you may be convinced to commit (or recommit) to trusting God and be satisfied. This is about the time that a little voice in your head will say something like “if you work just a bit more, you will get that bonus. Then you can really relax.” Or, “it is all well and good for others to rest, but not me not now.”

When you hear this little voice you now have a hinge decision. Do you trust God for enough or not?

I pray that in the power of God’s Spirit you will trust that God will provide enough and you will enter His rest.

Warrior  On!

Jonathan Harner

Jonathan Harner is a Certified Financial Planner working for Wichita Wealth Management. As a warrior himself, Jonathan’s passion is giving order to chaos and bringing peace to fear in the financial lives of the those he works with.

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