The Secret Life of You

As a kid, one of my favorite films was “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”. In the movie, Walter Mitty spent much of his life in his imagination. He goes on flights of fancy in his mind imagining that his life is more exciting than his reality. From the start of the film, there are scenes in which it is difficult to know whether each instance is taking place in reality or in Walter’s mind. However, after a few sequences of jump roping between reality and fiction, it becomes clear that the fictitious segments all are deeply romanticized alterations of Walter Mitty’s reality…they are who he wants to be not who he is.

The Reality of You

There is a power in coming to terms with reality in your life. I’m convinced that this is a key to building confidence, responsibility and ridding ourselves of anxiety. Cognitive dissonance or the dissonance that exists between what you tell yourself and reality causes a lot of problems for us. Often, we convince ourselves that our lives are one thing but in fact, they are another, we feel anxious and unstable. For example, we may think and truly believe that we are being a loving friend, an attentive husband, a responsible employee when in reality we are not acting as well as we think we are.  Our motives are not lining up with reality. Often it’s the inverse, we discredit ourselves when in reality we are doing better than we think we are. As humans, we naturally weave narratives in our minds. It helps up make sense of the world. The danger is we often skew these narratives in order to make ourselves feel better about ourselves, our lives and the world around us. 

Coming to Terms with Reality

Christ told us, “the truth will set you free”.  I think that is true in all contexts of life. Coming to terms with reality will set you free, admitting your mistakes to yourself, admitting your victories, facing the tough parts of life and the good parts of life bring freedom. The times in my life when I have been honest with myself are the times I feel the most confident, the least anxious and become more responsible. This all is the starting point for building a healthy life, it’s part of growing up. 

Grounded in Reality

As the movie progresses, Walter’s reality and his imagined life begin to come closer and closer together until Walter no longer goes on these deep fantasies of who he wants to be, he becomes grounded in reality. Through this progression there are changes that occur in Walter’s character, he becomes more confident, more responsible and loses a lot of his social anxiety, and becomes more assured.  

Who Surrounds You?

It can be difficult to come to terms with your reality. That is why we need to surround ourselves with friends and mentors who are willing to tell us the hard truth, but also willing to walk with us through tough situations with encouragement and love. Most importantly we must remind ourselves of the Gospel of Christ as the weight of life will crush us without the hope, grace, and assurance of the Gospel. We can face the harshest realities with joy when we remind ourselves that Christ has passed through all things before us.

Warrior On!

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Ross Yarrow

I fully believe that life is full of things that deserve to be upheld, appreciated and worthy of our attention, For me film is a way to express and share and celebrate life and story with others.

Growing up in Kansas I spent much of my time in the woods. From exploring, wandering through the trees with friends, and my naturally inquisitive nature I began to feel a desire to express mine and others experience through art. The unknown the wild and the mysticism of everyday life inspires me.

My latest project is a feature-length documentary titled "Revelation, An Ode to the Present Moment".  It's a film about the value, and divine nature of everyday life and how it can be a powerful inspiration that should be revered and celebrated.

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