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Now What?

Everything has been going good. You have been in the Word constantly. God is revealing so many things in your life. Your relationships have grown and flourished more than you thought possible. But then, it happens. You didn’t mean for it to. You thought that it was done. You should be better than this. How could you let it happen? You screwed up, and you did that one thing you said you wouldn’t do again.

So, what now?

You messed up this one time. You don’t want to backslide and lose all of the progress you’ve made. Do you hide it? Repent to God, and say that it is good enough just checking that box?

One of my favorite books in the Bible is James. He doesn’t mince words. He doesn’t try to sugar coat. Everything is black and white. Jesus or the world. Purity or death. And as men, especially me, I know that we need that conviction “2 by 4” upside the head to break through our own stubbornness.

James 5:16a says “Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed.

Confession Time

Brothers, it is confession time for me. Life had been going very good. I was checking the boxes on my daily devotion time. I was in constant communication with God. And the men’s ministry I’m involved with at my church was taking off. But then the enemy struck. It wasn’t a full-frontal attack. He is crafty and has time, he took it slow. First, life got busy with all of the godly callings I was trying to fulfill, so I missed a month of meeting with my accountability group. Then I had family stuff going on most weekends so I missed a couple of times of meeting with my mentor. And then, since I was so involved with all of this good stuff, when work started getting busy, I stopped submitting it to God. I took control of that area. Little by little, I was creating footholds for Satan to latch on to. Once he had a stronghold, that’s when he struck: I went on a work trip a couple of weeks ago. While there, I had a lot of free time. I spent some of it reading, but I got tired of that. I watched some TV, but there was nothing good on it. So then I got on my phone and started scrolling the internet. Nothing bad, but then you click on a link of a link of a link. And then something else piques your interest. Then a voice in your head starts whispering “You should look at this.”

I was not guarded that week. I didn’t even think about proactively protecting myself. I was above all of that stuff now, right? Brothers, I am here to tell you that we will never be above Satan tempting us. And he is smarter than us at it. He can see so many more moving pieces on the board of our life than we can. He has been at his game since the beginning of time, so he definitely has more experience.

Don’t Go Solo

And that is why we need to remember that we cannot do it on our own. Satan will win in a one on one fight with us. Even Jesus, when tempted, quoted scripture instead of debating the enemy. He knew the power of God’s Word. And thankfully, we have help on our side, we are never alone. As 1 John 4:4b states: “greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world.” God is always with us and will help us if we call upon Him.

Your Situation Needs Help!

Now,  I don’t know what your exact struggle is. Maybe it is a substance addiction that keeps clawing at you. Maybe it is lustful thoughts or pornography. Maybe it is anger issues that cause everyone around you to be constantly wary. Maybe it is a single area of your life that you are not ready to submit to God because you need to control this one thing. I don’t know what you are struggling with, but I know that our Heavenly Father does, and He has surrounded you with a community of fellow believers. I can guarantee that there is at least one other brother out there that knows what you are going through. Maybe they have already come out on the other side of it, or maybe they are in the thick of it too. Either way, with trust and openness, they will provide the godly support that we all need. They can see our life from an outside perspective and then speak God’s Truth into us. I didn’t reach out to my mentor for advice. I didn’t contact my accountability group to ask for prayer coverage. We have to have that, IT IS VITAL.

James continues a little bit later in verses 19 & 20: “My brothers, if anyone among you wanders from the truth and someone brings him back, let him know that whoever brings back a sinner from his wandering will save his soul from death and will cover a multitude of sins.” Did you catch that part? If you bring your brother back into the truth, you save them from death.

Put It Into Practice

We have all messed up, and chances are that we will all give in to our sinful nature again.. King David messed up over and over and over with horrible crimes, but the Word says, “he was a man after God’s own heart.” Peter was a serial-hypocrite, and even after the Holy Spirit came upon him with great power, he let the judgment of man influence his actions (leading to a rebuke from Paul). And Paul, one of the greatest conversion stories, even struggled. He said in Romans that he does what he doesn’t want to do and he doesn’t do what he wants to do.

None of us are perfect. We all need help. That is why we have to gather together and confess to our brothers. We need accountability. We need encouragement. We need prayer coverage. So meet with someone this week. Ask God to point out and bring people into your life that can be your brothers. And when you do meet, be honest. Nothing held back. Because that is the only way to break Satan’s hold on your life.

Warrior On!

Casey Perkins

Casey Perkins has been in the church his whole life. However, that did not prevent him from going down a path of perversion, adultery, self-indulgence, and isolation. Thankfully, like all prodigal sons, the Lord chased after Casey even when he was a long way off and welcomed him back with open arms and unconditional love. Casey's primary purpose now is to live out the mantle that God has placed on him and lead other men into the grace and calling that the Heavenly Father has given us all.

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