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Gut-Check! Listening Beyond Logic

There will be times in your life when you will find yourself in a difficult situation.  You will be presented with an option that on the surface doesn’t appear to be wrong at all.  But deep down, you know you shouldn’t do it.  Somewhere deep in your heart is an uneasy feeling.  There may be nothing “wrong” about the situation in and of itself.  It may seem by all outward appearances to be a good thing, maybe even a great opportunity.  And yet, something inside is telling you to back away.  Something just doesn’t feel right. There seems to be a still, small voice whispering, pressing into your soul a discomfort that you cannot explain nor completely understand. 

Listen to it.

Maybe everyone you know thinks it’s a great opportunity and that you should jump on it.  You may have already agreed to do something.  If you say “no,” you might run the risk of hurting someone’s feelings, especially if you are unable to explain your reasons.  Most of the time, people won’t understand. 

Until you get clear of the situation you feel like you are in a trap.  Find the way out and take it.  There is a bigger picture that you cannot see.  What looks right from all appearances may not be right.  Just because it is right for someone else does not mean that it is right for you.  God sees what you cannot see.  He knows where your decisions will take you.  And if you listen to His still, small voice, He will keep you from trouble.

All reason and logic may be telling you that this particular option before you is what is best for you.  But, no matter how much you try and justify it with your mind, you have no peace in your heart.  The Lord moves in mysterious ways.  Because we do not know the future, we cannot trust our intellect to navigate us safely through a given situation.  Logic is good, but it only goes so far, and you must learn to recognize where it has its limitations.  A very wise man once said:

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.  In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct your paths.”

Know that you are doing the right thing before God, and then take your stand.  If your friends and family misunderstand you, take courage.  God knows your heart.  And if you trust Him, He will guide you.

Warrior On!

Marc Cox

Marc has a passion to encourage everyone God brings across his path to follow Jesus. He loves God and loves his wife and kids. Marc views his job in the construction field as full-time vocational ministry. He studies the Bible, theology, history, and classic literature. He likes black coffee, sleeping under the stars, and backpacking in the Rocky Mountains.

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